Reason you should use Animated Videos

The secret is out when it comes to explainer videos and people are taking advantage of them. Explainer videos are established as being one of the best ways to bring new visitors to your website. The proven to work animated explainer videos are also a great way for companies or anyone to tell others about their products, brand or services. In truth, there are countless of benefits which come from using a well-made animated explainer video. Statistics confirm just how powerful and effective explainer videos can be. They have one of the best return on investments of marketing tools available. Excellent animated explainer videos also keep visitors on your site for longer periods of time. In turn, search engines will use that to rank your site higher in search results.

Although there are several different kinds of explainer videos you can use, animated or whiteboard explainer videos are one of the most popular. Some businesses will use live action or 3D animation explainer videos. Many individuals looking to promote their websites or products use screencast. However, animated explainer videos are great for companies who want to reach a larger audience. They are relatively inexpensive when compared to other forms of marketing. Great animated explainer videos are also easy to create and can be done in a short period of time. Yet this all depends on your particular brand, service or product. For bigger companies, they may take more time since the animated explainer videos have to be done right.

Overall, the benefits which whiteboard explainer videos deliver are too many to ignore. Below are some of the countless ways your business, product, service, website or brand can gain and profit from creating an animated explainer video.

Great For Explaining Things

One of the best things about an animated explainer video is their ability to let you explain things to your targeted audience. To make it even better, they allow you to do so in an entertaining and engaging way. People will typically hold on to things they hear and see at higher rates than info they read. And the animation in explainer videos lets your company connect to the viewer. The motion graphics used in audio visual ads allow even the most complex topics to be explained easily.

Provide Online Visibility

When it comes to being on the internet, visibility is everything for a website. This is one of the greatest things which animated explainer video provide. Marketers who are hired to bring visitors to your site understand this. It is why they love product explainer videos so much. According to statistics, your website is 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of search results when it has an explainer video on its landing page. The reason for that is because search engines such as Google want to deliver answers to those searching. They also know that explainer videos contain useful and helpful information.

No Limitations

Using animation on your explainer video to tell potential clients about your product or services contains little to no boundaries. Unlike screencast or live action explainer videos, there is no limit to what you can do when it comes to using animation. That explains why whiteboard explainer videos are so popular. In fact, many of the best explainer videos of 2016 or 2017 are mostly animated. Because of that, explainer video companies love using them for their clients.

All About Conversions

The end result for every company and business when it comes to sales, is conversions. Top rated or well-made animated explainer videos have one of the best conversion and sales rates around. They are proven to turn viewers and site visitors into customers. Most explainer videos deliver about 20% conversion rates on average. In addition, a whopping 96% of consumers feel that audio visual ads are helpful. That applies when they are thinking about making a purchase online.

All About Branding

Marketing success is predicated upon being able to effectively produce branding awareness. Animated explainer videos allow you to build and increase the awareness of your brand or product. Once people get to know about your brand and find the video useful, they will tell others about it. That helps promote brand recognition and make it more appealing.

The Sharing Factor

The one thing we have learned about top rated explainer videos is that people love sharing them. They are one of the best and easiest forms of online content to share with others. Social media sites such as Facebook are full of videos because of the user engagement they produce. Businesses understand this and intelligently use that to help spread information about their product, services or brands. Some companies have seen their brand become widely popular after their explainer video went viral.

These are just some of the many benefits that derive from using an animated explainer video or any other type of visual audio ad. Even email marketers will tell you that emails sent with an explainer video typically have a 100% click through rate when compared to those that don’t. You can choose to use a respected and highly rated video production company to have your explainer video done. Companies such as SquareShip have been in business for years providing superior video production services to clients.

Other options include using free or low-cost animated explainer video software to create the video yourself. There are also independent contractors you can find online to help you. In the end, the key factor is making sure you get in on the biggest marketing movement of the decade; explainer videos.

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