Getting people’s attention is quite different from keeping them glued to your videos. Videos that keep viewers watching longer will be given higher ranking over those that get clicks. This motivates users to create high-quality content and this is in alignment with YouTube’s goal to become the “most important media in people’s lives. The question is how does a video marketer create engaging video videos? Here are ways to create engaging video and gain higher ranking within YouTube’s evolving algorithm;

Know your audience

You should be able to describe your audience with details such as their age bracket, their hobbies. You should also know the trigger words that will capture their attention and what benefits are they look for? These things are quite simple but most times are usually overlooked.

Give your viewers a reason to come back

Make sure your video is clear and your viewers know in the first couple of seconds exactly why they should keep watching your video. Videos should be moderately short: 2-9 minutes, and not more than 20minutes.

Plan for the video production:

Quality videos do not just happen; they are created with pre-production planning. The following are a must Shot list, Storyboard and Prop list per scene. Also, plan your words cautiously so you can be brief, speak slowly and articulately because a clear speech is always appreciated.

Display passion and energy

People who display passion and energy on camera are more likely to hold a viewer’s attention than the dull personality. It is important that you speak louder than normal and be a little more animated with your body language. Although this will feel strange in front of the camera, it will help you create a more engaging video.

Pay attention to headlines 

The fact is that you might have been creating engaging videos but simply lack the keywords people are searching for in your headline and tags. Invest some time in keyword research for video titles and continue to produce videos on a consistent schedule. Consistently producing content that meets with market’s needs will ideally generate the results you want.

Be Consistent

The level of variation should be directly proportional to your level of consistency. When there is too much variety your viewers find if hard too hard to follow and the video feels chaotic. It is advisable to use a maximum of two simple transition types within a video, use only one main colour and a maximum two fonts in a video. You are free to use different colour and font selections for different videos, but be consistent with each video and use colours that are easy on the eyes. You should also use a consistent theme in your video and use fonts that are easily legible.

Creating engaging videos requires a lot more work, start simple and add to your bag of tricks as you improve your software skills. Investing more time in the development phase of your video does not necessarily make the videos better but it will give you room to improve the video and thus increases your chances of getting more views. Once you have created your video, ensure that every title and description is designed to function well in YouTube SEO. This will help your video to be located easily by the targeted audience.

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